Dedicated  Breeders of Genuine   Ragdolls

Western Australia

Registered with Cat Owner's Association of Western Australia (COAWA)

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Welcome to:
Fancyrags Ragdolls
Traditional Ragdoll Breeders
Perth  Western Australia

(the home of   Genuine Ragdoll Cats & Kittens in WA)

Ragdolls with a future from Ragdolls with a past!!!!!

Registered/Show Breeders since 1992

Member of COAWA

Lucky Luke Azrag Bey of Fancyrags




CCCA Gd Ch. Dbl.Dia.Gd Pr. Fancyrags Gin n Tonic


Our beautiful CCCA Pr. Dbl. Dia.Gd.Pr. Fancyrags Gin n Tonic
such a gorgeous fella, incredible nature
loves tripping to shows and showing
what a real ragdoll should be!!!!!!!!!!!!

COAWA Desexed Cat of the Year 2012

Supreme Cat
Ring 4 WA Cat Club & Paws and Claws Cat Club Show 28 April

 Ginnys trophy
Thanks Nick for believing in our ragdolls

Fancyrags Ragdolls, licenced registered breeders
Perth, Western Australia
Fancyrags Ragdolls  are located south of Perth on the coast
and have been breeding these beautiful dolls since the
early 90's.    Our ragdolls live in a healthy, happy environment
fed a raw diet and lots of social interaction and toys.

Fancyrags ragdolls participate in the
showing of their ragdolls and welcome new breeders and
persons interested in showing their precious ragdolls.
Our ragdolls conform to the standard as set by our
Registering Body and we have won many awards over
the years
We breed to achieve happier, healthier, well boned
ragdolls to the standard set by our Governing Body

Registered breeders should be reputable breeders who
regularly vet check, vaccinate,  desex and microchip all pet kittens.
Kittens must be raised in a clean, healthy environment.

Fancyrags do not knowingly breed with ragdolls
from experimental breeding with balinese lines.

Fancyrags do not onsell their breeding adults entire,
they are desexed and placed in forever homes or live out their lives
here at Fancyrags.

Fancyrags concentrate on improving the Ragdoll breed,
breeding nice big healthy kittens and cats
for a lifetime of pleasure in their forever homes.

We pride ourselves on being a breeder of Ragdoll cats
not just a kitten breeder, we breed to conform to standards
to compete on the show bench, to improve the breed
and quality

We don't have kittens year round, our girls are rested in the winter months

Fancyrags lines are now many generations forward
from our original Ragdoll, Ragada Mirru who
was sired by Petil-lu Andre and Petil-lu Apari - and bred
by Dot Graham, Tasmania, true   pure traditional

Fancyrags Smokey Blue was our foundation
stud, grandson to Petil-lu Apari and Petil-lu Andre


;              We are registered breeders with Cat Owners' Association of Western Australia (COAWA)
and breed quality DNA tested,  traditional ragdoll cats .    

"Ragdoll cats with a future from Ragdolls with a past"


We are located south of Perth, Western Australia  
        Please be sure you find your new forever friend from a Registered breeder
who DNA tests  for
PKD(kidney disease)
HCM (Cardiomyopathy )

  Our new Garden / Patio Enclosure for our Ragdolls





 Fancyrags only place "Forever Cats"


Chris Can be contacted at


Phone: 0403850823  

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Updated 21st January 2017